About Amber 

Hi I am Amber! I am from Kentucky where I have my studio right across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have always been an artist, and I feel so lucky to be able to have a career doing something that I absolutely LOVE. When I am not photographing weddings, I am doing things in the photos above! Anything to create unique experiences and memories. I have photographed clients in India, Mexico, Morocco, Australia, Italy, Dominican Republic, California, New York, Florida, Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, and of course Kentucky and Ohio. I have traveled to 45+ countries and 44 states for both work and fun!

I have my Bachelors of Art in Art from Georgetown College and my Master's from Mount St. Joseph University. I have also lived and studied in Florence, Italy and the Gold Coast of Australia. As you can tell with my lifestyle, I am all about having amazing experiences and photos to remember these once in a lifetime adventures. When I chose photos to put in the slideshow above, I chose photos that excited me. When I look at each of them, it brings back the same feeling I had in that very moment. My goal for your wedding is exactly this, to not only document, but to preserve the emotion and experience of your relationship and romance which extends beyond just the wedding day. I want you to live in the moment of your wedding day and experience it completely. I will be there every step of the way preserving those fleeting moments! That is why you chose your fiancé right? To do this adventure called life, together. 

To be honest, I am at a perfect stage in my career, I am a millennial female so I know what brides are looking for and have the same style, plus we are going to get along great! But I didn't just start my career, I am 29 years old and have the experience since this will be my 9th wedding season, which shows my consistency and success. The wedding industry is a very close knit group as we all work for ourselves. We have many industry events we get together for and I had the best compliment ever when a few years ago the top florist in the area said to me "I am always seeing new faces pop up, but you are one of us, one of the old-timers." Normally I would be appalled to be considered an old-timer but honestly the wedding industry is such a hard business with so much competition, so to me it was the best thing she could have said to me!

 90% of my brides are from referrals at this point in my career. Very happy brides that tell their friends about me. Bridesmaids that had such a great experience with me at their friends wedding that knew they wanted to have me as their photographer.......they just needed to find a groom first (minor detail)! My name is my brand because I 100% stand behind my brand and will go above and beyond for my brides. I am the main photographer at every wedding, whether that is because I am a control freak or selfish or both, because I know no one else will work harder or smarter for you than me. Check out the photos below to see me in action! I will even swim around wearing funny looking gear for you :)

So get excited! Let's do this!